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S&S Swan General - 431 Chain Plate Main Knees / Bulkhead
27 September 2021 - 17:01
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431 Chain Plate Main Knees / Bulkhead

Dear Swan 431 Owners

Actually looking at acquiring a 1977 SS Swan 431 (upsize from SS 38'), we noticed during the survey that some work has been done on the starboard hull side amidships including apparent repair, coatings failures and cracks on bulkhead and deck. It clearly shows some signs of repair together with new (different?) chain plates which do not look like original Nautor's work. Immediatly we thought of a past impact but it came to my mind that a knee chain plate failure / problems happened few years after the launch of these boats. I believe some recommendation were done by the SS office at the time. Am I correct?

Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


38' #106

29 September 2021 - 06:10
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Dear Vincent

It unlikely that you will get any response from owners about chainplate problems, because there is no such history. The yacht had an accident.
Would you know her hull number?
Kind regards

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