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Sail & Rigging - 411 jockey pole dimensions
12 November 2021 - 07:48
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411 jockey pole dimensions

Hello, surprise surprise Bacchus has lost her jockey pole (reaching strut) at some point and only deck fittings to store it remain.

Would somebody know the dimensions including the tube diameter and thickness?

And even better is you can already recommend one that is a good replacement (Forespar has some reasonably priced reaching strut kits in size of 2.5" and 3").


We have found that without one it is kinda hard to keep good control of the spinnaker boom when reaching as the guy leans against the stanchion and the pole get easily to the forestay, and even harder to pull the pole back once it goes too far.

12 November 2021 - 15:38
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Dear Tapio

Tube diameter is 80 mm and thickness 3 mm

Kind regards


15 November 2021 - 05:02
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Here's photos of the Jocky Pole that I received with 411-011.  This spar is currently at home in my garage, so it's easy for me to gather more photos or measurements if needed.

As for length, the aluminum tube alone is 195cm.  The overall length with the jaws, sheaves, and everything is about 225cm.

15 November 2021 - 19:20
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Thank you both Lars and Kevin for the information. Looks like that forespar 3" 7 ft reaching strut kit could work if cut to right length so that the existing deck fittings can still be used






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