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S&S Swan Maintenance - How to install new toilet bowl
02 March 2022 - 06:55
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How to install new toilet bowl


I have to replace my aft head and it turns out the new bowl has different points of attachment than the old one.

Can I just drill new holes into the gel coat with eg epoxy or other filler to hold the screw? I cannot get under the gel coat floor to put a nut on the other side of the screw.


. What is the best way to attach the toilet to the floor?


Any ideas or guidance is most welcome.








02 March 2022 - 08:07
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Hi Peter,

if I recall correctly from other threads in the forum it is not just GRP/gelcoat a that form the base for the fixing points of the toilet. There is also a metal plate - believe either aluminium or stainless - laminated into the GRP  that secures the bolts of the toilet bowl.

Lars is very likely to have more information but I'd think that you need to make sure that you fix the new toilet bowl to this metal plate somehow  - I'd think fixing it to GRP/gelcoat only would not be strong enough over time for the changing loads (no pun intended!).

Unless you can locate the plate and it's dimensions I'd think it might be easiest to install some sort of base plate using the existing fixings and then fix the new bowl to that? Assuming that is feasible, of course.

Hope this helps - just out of interest, is this a like-for-like replacement i.e. e.g. Baby Blake and Taylor Blake have changed the fixing for their product, or is the bowl a diifferent make?

Fair winds,


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02 March 2022 - 09:20
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Dear Peter

There should be an aluminium backing plate inside, drill and tap. If there is no plate, cut a slot in the front so one can be inserted. Would be preferable to use G-plate, does not cause corrosion in the threads with the time
Kind regards



02 March 2022 - 19:35
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Thanks for the guidance. 


I'll check to see if I can locate the metal plate. Inserting one is a good idea, though not sure how to fit it in without cutting a hole that might reduce structural integrity. I would need to build some kind of door to get to it.


The boat had a Raritan toilet, so somebody must've already changed it during the years. I bought the same model but it turns out the holes are at a different location. Though, two of the old bolts were broken, so I would've needed to redo the fasteners either way.

I'll see if there is a plate. That would be the easiest.


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