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S&S Swan Maintenance - Can anyone suggest how I obtain several of these..
27 March 2022 - 16:08
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Can anyone suggest how I obtain several of these..



Floor board flush 

27 March 2022 - 16:11
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base size is 53mm X 53mm..   


I have search broadly online..  now I need inputs from people who have been down this road..


thank you in advance..





27 March 2022 - 16:45
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Hi Kendall

we have been exactly where you are last year, and I am afraifd we still are but found a solution that worked for us for now.

Here's our experience ... it's not very exciting/promission, sorry!

Extensive internet research by both us and our yard only drew blanks - we couldn't even find anything that looked different but had at least the same dimensions. There seems seems to be no obvious 'of-the-shelf' replacement, I'm afraid.

We then thought about having some new ones manufactured to the old specifications. That it is ceratainly doable but turned out to be very expensive. I suppose it's because the base is not cast and machined but appears more like it is dye-pressed metal sheet. To replicate this, a tool will need to be made ... anyway, the quote we obtained was in the region of EUR 150 per piece, with a minimum order of 50 ... we needed about 2.

Next plan was to chose an 'of-the-shelf' floor board ring that was close enough, replace all rings in one of the cabins with the new design, and use the old ones from there as spares in the salon or whereever the broken ones where. At least that way we would have maintained the 'originals' where it matters most (to us) (We found that all the rings that are used elsewhere on board but were less visible e.g. under mattresses had already been used as spares).

The solution we chose in the end - we had the broken ones repaired. In our case, basically only the rings had come off. Our yard found a very skilled welder that was able to remove the old small strip of metal that holds the ring and replace it and the ring where the latter was lost.

I haven't seen the results myself yet but reportedly it's very good.

So if you still have the broken ring pulls you might be able to do the same; a skilled welder used to weld thin sheet metal e.g. similiar to car repairs would be a good start.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Fair winds,


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28 March 2022 - 11:52
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Hello Stefan,

Your solution is the best..  I will look into it locally.  I can see that these tabs over the rings are originally welded.  So your path is much more restoration than jerry-rigging. Well done!    

But I have several w/o rings.

Perhaps it would be a useful to inquire across the full membership here and learn if others are interested to acquire same.  Certainly just a bit of competition amongst fabricators combined with a healthy demand would reduce that 150/unit  price you mentioned.

Thank you much for sharing your process.  It lets me live more comfortably with my progress so far..




04 April 2022 - 19:38
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Thanks for your help Stefan,

I was searching too the solution for my broken ones…

Yves / Algol 57 007

06 April 2022 - 12:42
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I have the idea to also look into having 50 or 100 of these made.  Can anyone specifically knowing the specifications for the stainless steel share those specs?  Can such SS still be sourced?



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