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S&S Swan General - Which boat was faster
13 May 2022 - 21:05
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Which boat was faster

with all due respect, Daniele, for enthusiasm to Neco.  Hope you remember from Copenhagen you received the one from Ravn.  It was replaced by a modern system for boats upto 18 tons and consumes moderately. Sailing a lot solo, a reliable autopilot is of course crucial and major part of a safetyonboard keyword. There is an advantage with newly produced electronics, isn`t it? I know I`m wrong and right.

well, in the case as it was in June 2020, the Ravn 411 started from La Coruna, Galicia to Aber Wrach, Brittany. In the same day the Moonlight 46MKII started from Malpica and sailed to Camaret-sur-Mer, Brittany.  the distance from Cap Finistere Galicia to Cap Finistere Brittany is 376 n.miles. Ravn, sailed solo, did it in 60 hours sharp while Moonlight in 8 hours less, with crew. On the basis of 376 n.miles and during the same period, is there any way to figure out which boat was faster? 

It was a good sail, I had good one eye sleeps with AIS alarm system active out in the main lane where no non ais fisherboats are.  

Ravn 411/036  Thorbjorn

The Ravn was first exported to San Diego, California in 1979.

Then after ten years aquired to a Finnair-pilot from Helsinki.

I got hold of her through Yathing Magacine and then to Ola Hallman`s intermediary for Swans in Kokkola.  

The first interest to Swan comes from the gran old man at home who subsribed for Time Magacine in the days of Nixon and Watergate where Swan had full page advertisments




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