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S&S Swan General - Recomedations for a propeller for Swan 38
18 March 2023 - 21:41
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Recomedations for a propeller for Swan 38


it is time to replace our old 17x11 Volvo foldable three blade propeller. As engine we have Yanmar 3ym30 and the gear ratio is 2.62:1

As many probaply know reversing with a Swan 38 is a bit difficult in thight spots due to quite strong pull to the side.

Does anyone have a idea which type and size of propel would work best?

Thank you in advance,

Sebastian Eskelin

18 March 2023 - 21:54
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Dear Sebastian,

you can find many threads on this matter, but I think the most useful one for you is this, which speaks of a sister boat and same engine (which by the way was my previous S&S Swan Only You):

The prop I opted for was a bit smaller then the original 17" but with much more clearance the vibration/noise reduction was incredibly satisfactory, and with a higher pitch I could motor well above 6.5 kn .

I hope this could help!

Fair winds!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

18 March 2023 - 22:07
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17 years ago we installed Flexofold 16 x 14 RH 3, following Professors calculations and suggestion. Our engine is Bukh DV 24 ME. We are very happy with the propeller. 

Best regards

Jyrki (Infant, Swan 38/014)

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