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S&S Swan General - ESKILSTUNA Companionway Hatch Skeleton Key
17 September 2023 - 23:59
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ESKILSTUNA Companionway Hatch Skeleton Key

Hello, I am trying to find a source to obtain a replacement skeleton key for the lock to the companionway hatch.


It is marked:




Any ideas?


Jon (Finarrow, 38/018)

P.S. My first S&S Swan Association post! Thank you for letting me join this group.

22 September 2023 - 05:31
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Dear Jon,

I am answering on behalf of Esa vesmanen (S&S Swan 37/042 Martha), who kindly did the research for you (actually his wife Kristina):

"...The Eskilstuna key brand is a vintage company, that doesn’t exist anymore in Sweden. But you can still find the keys from ebay like auction tradera / Sweden. Link here attached. Kristina found it...."

Hope this helps!

Fair winds,

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

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