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S&S Swan General - Balmar Alternator, better to avoid it
29 April 2024 - 18:45
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Balmar Alternator, better to avoid it

Dear All,

just want to share my bad experience with Balmar.

Some years ago I bought a (very expensive) Balmar alternator, 165 ah.

After some years of proper working it is now in need of some maintenance, nothing exeptional, in particular I need a very cheap and simple part: brushes. They are  quite peculiar in this model, so I asked Balmar.

Their reply: "...Unfortunately we no longer offer parts for this unit..."

Please consider what happened to me if and when you want to buy a Balmar alternator. I am told the company was sold quite recently, and as it happens new shareholders apparently are not as good in dealing with this company as the previous ones.

Fair winds and good luck (not with a Balmar I hope for you)!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

02 May 2024 - 20:36
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Dear Matteo,


I'm sorry to hear that - terrible.


10 May 2024 - 23:29
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Dear Matteo,

Unfortunately the reply of this manufacturer matches the replies of other manufacturers, many very well known.  For us who like to keep our boats as close as possible to the original shape this attitude in commercial policy is a real misfortune (just to be polite...) and I cannot but sympathize with you.

In this case, although, I like to somehow mitigate your sorrow: the brushes of electric motors and alternators most of the time are pretty easily replicated.  On the internet you can find brushes with a very wide variety of shapes; if you do not find the one which exactly matches the original, an easy job with a small file and fine sandpaper will probably get rid of the little differences.  Do not give-up, you will certainly be able to put your alternator back at work if its problem is only the brushes.

Daniel, 411/004, Luna Menguante 

11 May 2024 - 06:20
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Dear Daniel,

thanks, you are perfectly right, and I am fixing it, without Balmar help, and I strongly suggest to avoid their alternators fthis is their post sale policy.

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

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