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S&S Swan Maintenance - info for gelcoat work
03 September 2009 - 15:31
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info for gelcoat work
I do own a swan but not a S&S swan, hope I can receive some info from this forum anyhow. About a year ago, while I was looking for my swan, I red a thread about boat painting. Somebody was writing about awl grip. Someone else send a picture of his swan re-gelcoated which I've find it very nice.
So I need to re-gealcoat my swan just because there are several scratches all around.
The gelcoat is quite ok, but I am afraid that the repired areas will show the difference. So I think it will be better to have both sides repainted with gelcoat. For the same reason cockpit should be repainted too.
Would you be so kind to tell me who made such a good job? So that I may contact him to have my boat done. Thank you

04 September 2009 - 00:44
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I also don't own an S&S but a 1987 Frers 46. When I bought the boat there were several spots that had been repaired in the past. According to the former owner the repair had been almost invisible but after some years the repair spots were much more white than the rest of the gelcoat. Also since it was pretty hard to keep the gelcoat clean, despite waxing, I have decided to spray paint the hull, copits and coamings. I am very happy with the result, Awlgrip proves to be very hard wearing.

As for the colors: equal parts Off-White and Snow-White corresponds to the gelcoat colour used for hull and deck.
For the stripes Marlin Blue is close.

Hope this helps. Regards, Douwe Gorter

04 September 2009 - 10:03
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thank you douwegorter for your info. You confirmed my convinction to paint the entire hull instead of spot work. As gelcoat painting is a quite difficult work and needs skilled labour, I am here asking to members who had their own swan gelcoatted, whether they may want to forward me their yard name and address.
Searching among the old posts, I have found the picture which Matteo Salamon send to show the good job they've done to his swan. So I hope he can give me the yard contact to check if they would paint mine too.
I hope that members will not suspect about you and me starting a not-S&S swan club inside their own association!!

04 September 2009 - 10:50
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Dear Federic

I sent you a private message yesterday night with all details, check your private mailbox

Eeveryone is really welcome to this Forum, S&S Swan Owner or Frers (or RH), I am just asking to keep posts concentrated on S&S designed Swans. On the other side, if you want to start a Frers (or RH) Classic Association, please do feel free to contact me, I would be really happy to help (if I can) and to share experience/knowledge

Fair Wind to every Swan Owner!

Matteo (38/067 Only You)

04 September 2009 - 12:33
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Matteo thank you very much for your help.
Of course I was just joking writing about a not-S&S swan club just because a GF swan owner replied to my post. But your suggestion to start a RH or GF Classic Swan Club sounds very good, and it will be successefull with your experience.
I own a RH 43. I was looking for a 411 at the beginning but then I had to give up to my family needs which were more comfort (and space) oriented. I am very pleased with my boat and I am now trying to give her a better look.

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