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Swan 47/017

Swan 47 Hull #47/017 MY LOW - year : 1976 - hull colour :White


For more information please contact Fiamma Briziarelli (+39 3395771663)

My Low

Is a very special boat, extremely loved and lived in a marine way, completely strong and original, a boat with a big family and a hard soul; she is now looking for next Owner, someone who will be able to share precious time with her and sail her as all previous (and current) Owners did over the last three generations.

Is one of the very few launched with a racing interior and She just had a complete technical refit , returned in her natural element just last 30th of January 2023.

More about the complete technical refit.

             Mast refit:

The mast was carried out in a meticulous and detailed way by a Rigger specialized in the restoration of this type of vessel. It has been landed, disassembled and rechecked and repaired in all the components that needs to. Rigging has been replaced with the original Nitronic 50 type, all the halyards and sheets have been replaced with Spectra or Daynema material from ARMARE ropes supplier. 

             Boom refit:

The boom refit was carried out at the hydraulic vang attachment point and at the mast joint. These partially corroded parts have been completely repaired and reinforced, a new stainless steel bracket has been fitted for the attachment of the Vang, all hydraulic piping from vang to Navtec power unit has been replaced (stainless steel fittings).

             Mast Foot Coupling Surface:

All coupling surfaces have been cleaned from the original resin plane. Coupling pins have been rechecked and cleaned to perfection ready for tightening with new bolts. Mast foot construction: in this phase it was essential to clean the work areas from rust and all the pins and bolts connecting to the keel, the preparation and lubrication allowed the removal of all bolts without any problem of damaging the main pins. New steel structure was entirely rebuilt using the same hull form and shape as the original one. The material used for the construction is Fe 235. The structure has been loaded and unloaded several times to verify the perfect compatibility with the hull and the coupling pins before being sent to the galvanizing; this to avoid having to make changes after galvanizing.

The new surface has been rebuilt trying to keep the original philosophy as much as possible, but with new materials and more modern and equally concepts. It was decided, in agreement with the supervision of the Paganini Marine Studio, to rebuilt vegetable micro the coupling surface by adopting a mixture of epoxy resin mixed with colloidal silica fibre and fibre. The new installation take in consideration the possibility of dismantling the structure without having to damage the coupling again. In addition, many upgrading have been taken to prevent, in the event of water leakage of pins, that water can pass under the steel structure, whether the leaks come from the keel pins or from leaks inside the bilge.  

             Keel and rudder:

The correct tightening of all Bolts of the Mast Foot, the new flat and regular inside surface base and the restoration of the correct thicknesses of steel (before reduced from rusty), greatly decreases the movement of the ballast in the external part, to reduce the problem of surface cracks in the external fiberglass protection. Rudder shaft has been inspected, and the clearances between the bearing and the bearing key have been eliminated by weld, in this case the rudder will be remove completely with the shaft in.

             Other jobs:


ü  New tridata log – Speed – Temp – sensors and display, Extra DISPLAY on cockpit

ü  New VHF installation with new antenna New wind station and sensors

ü  New engine 2016 (NANNI N4.50 36.8 kw): General Service Fuel tanks unloading for cleaning

ü  Electrical system upgrading with: new batteries and electronic charger regulator

ü  New battery switches

ü  New Bilge pumps installation with automatic floating on bilge sludge area

ü  New Shaft Seal installation Volvo Penta with cooling system

ü  All seacocks original opening

ü  Restore Hydraulic pipes

ü  Replacement for vang and aft forestay system

ü  New Windex installation on mast head

ü  New cockpit stereo speakers

ü  New Bimini/summer deck cover

ü  Compass restoring and refit (by Fuselli)

             About sails:

ü  New Main Sail Dacron Original Regata

ü  Dacron jib restore 2023

ü  Dacron genoa restore 2023

ü  Main Sail by SOBSTAD restore 2023

ü  Jib by SOBSTAD restore 2023

ü  2 Spinnakers


Reluctantly for sale for a good reason.


Fiamma Briziarelli
via Quieta 4, Perugia
Location: Tyrrhenian Sea
Contact owner: