Upgrading works on old S&S Swans
  • 411/009 Oracabessa

    Best Maintained Swan at the 2005 S&S Swan Rendez-vous, she has very been cared of by her owner, and S&S Swan Association co-founder Stefano Cioni

  • 411/029 Aegir II

    New teck deck
  • 411/033 Baron

    Complete refit for Baron (engine, electric panel and re-wiring, teak deck...)
  • 411/041 Corazon

    2011 New Toe Rail (what a big job!) for Corazon, new saloon table
  • 43 maintenance resource and discussion forum

    This book was started and maintained by the input of dedicated owners of vintage PJ/Swan 43s. It is intended as a dynamic workbook maintained periodically with input from those owners interested in comparing notes and exchanging information on the care, maintenance and operation of these exceptional vintage Sparkman & Stephens designed and Nautor built boats.
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  • 43/018 Carly III

    New and higher carbon mast and modified keel and rudder
  • 43/042 America

    2017 maintenance of the bilges and fuel/water tanks

  • 431/012 Caid

    Original Perkins overhauled, travellers modified, new teak deck etc.
  • 44/004 Hatha

    New Nav station and galley on Hatha

  • 44/011 Pippus

    New teak deck for Pippus at Caffarena's, one of the most skilled shipyard in Italy for this kind of job.