Who we are

We are a group of S&S Swan owners and we want to share the knowledge of these magnificent and very strongly built boats with other people.

"S&S Swan Association" is a non profit, stand-alone organization. To become an Association Member you have to be a Sparkman & Stephens designed Swan owner. If you are, please join us.

We are going to put on our web site all the material we are able to get from other Swan owners or lovers (Articles, Stories, Experiences, Photographs, Plans etc.), so, if you have something which you did not find on our pages, please, do not hesitate and send it to us, we need it!.

Steering committee
Honorary President: Mr. Pekka Koskenkyla
Founder and Administrator: Mr. Matteo Salamon
Co-founder: Mr. Stefano Cioni (1958 - 2015)
Board Member: Cristina Cossa
Board Member: Alan Gilbert
United Kingdom: Ms. Liz Lotz
Advisor: Mr. Lars Ström (1939 - 2022) 


S&S Swan (download pdf)
When should it be considered original


Olin Stephens talks about us

I have been thankful during recent years to have been able to see the growing interest in many older boats including some of S&S design, as I knew it in the years from 1928 until I retired gradually between 1978 and 1980. The earliest of all seem close to my heart because they were so much the product of personal feeling and intuition.

As time passed I learned more and the office grew and the design approach was more rationalized and, I hope, in some ways better but, perhaps, a little less individual. I am especially grateful for the activity of the Association in the way it has allowed me to see again many of these boats and enjoy the aquaintance many of the owners as protectors of my widespread family.

Nowhere has the warmth of feeling been deeper than in Italy. I think of myself as fortunate in many, many ways. One of my happiest of associations has been to frequently visit with new and old friends in the old world, and to realize the activity and kindness in the Italian branch of the S&S Association.
May I offer salutations and many thanks?


Email received

... I am really impressed at the site and at the work you are doing. The information I found (on the website) was really quite important in my desision to buy this boat. 

I do most of my sailing single handed, and have had a Contessa 32 for the last twenty-odd years. Have always admired the 38, and when one came up for sale last fall I checked the web and found the S&S Swan Association
I think it was the enthusiasm for the boats that comes across so clearly that made me decide to ask for a test-sail, and that was it!
Fair winds!

(e-mail signed, the author of this kind message is now the happy new owner of Swante, a magnificent 1976 S&S Swan 38).