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S&S Swan Maintenance - Holding Tank 411
27 October 2015 - 00:33
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Holding Tank 411
Dear All.
We have been cruising our 411 Hierro now for a few seasons around the Atlantic coasts of UK, Ireland and France, where holding tanks are not required. We would like to spend some time in the Baltic, however the lack of a holding tank is a problem.
Does anyone have advice on the fitting of a holding tank to a 411?
My initial thoughts are to locate a tank on the starboard side of the forepeak, just ahead of the toilet compartment.I would like to keep any modifications to the interior to a minimum.
Any advice would be gratefully received.
Paul bond
411, 042 Hierro

27 October 2015 - 10:35
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Nautor used to fit the holding tank of the 411 exactly where you say. The flushing pump of the tank is placed under the sink and it uses the same large Blakes through-hull of the toilet (I have a simple Y but you may choose differently). There is a three-way valve at 50-100 cm from the toilet, behind the wooden panel not far from the highest point of the loop, and there is a vent close to the vent of the shower sump, on the side just under the deck.
In my case there is no flushing outlet on the deck; it would be advisable to fit one but in Italy I do not think there is any marina able to supply such a service.
As there is quite a bit of piping, be sure to use hoses not permeable to odors.
Daniel, 411/004

27 October 2015 - 16:52
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Hi Paul

The holding tank on our 411 is exactly where you are considering installing yours. I just finishing modifying the hoses and discharge arrangement. We used to have a y-valve and vented loop--very complex and difficult to prevent kinks and obstructions. I eliminated the y-valve because direct disharge is not permitted in the Puget Sound area where we live. I can discharge when outside US/Canadian waters, but it now flows only through the macerater pump. It's a much simpler arrangement.

I just bought a new fresh water toilet--I have to draw out of my fresh water tanks, but I eliminated the vented loop, AND seawater (which can be a maintenance creator) is eliminated from the system, so I can permanently close off one more thru-hull.

I get back home next week. I'd be happy to send photos and/or a schematic for the plumbing system.

Fair winds,
Don F 411/11

27 October 2015 - 21:40
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Danielefua / Don.
Thanks for reply.
Don, any schematics or photos would be very useful. Any idea what the capacity of the Nautor tanks are?

Paul B

31 October 2015 - 15:12
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HI Paul,

I get home next week. I'd be happy to send photos & schematic. I can also measure my tank to give you a capacity. I recall that it's around 14 gals.

Don 411/11

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