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S&S Swan General - Boat name changed
27 January 2017 - 04:56
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Boat name changed

Hello my friends, time to update my profile.

today i saw "the book" on S&S 48/3 and was surprised, didn`t know of exist.
but clear, who can read, will find it.

there i found the original name "RARING III"
so when i bougt it, it was still on original name.

i tried some time to find any information about "RARING III" in the net, but never succesfull.

may be somebody knows about the history.

what i know, is: there is a sticker on the mast, it says: 1991 Bootsliegeplatz Bodensee.
also i know it was for about 10 years in the hand of richard from turbulence sails in grenada, then it was related to Mc Allister and before i got it Francis T. Cookson was the previous owner.

she was not in good shape

since 18.04.2014 i´m taking care of her.
but still doesn´t look that nice than all your boats.
it takes some time - i didn´t know it is that much.

when i got her, it was just a well build boat for me and i didn´t liked the entrance.
but today after all the work and living a board, i realy love her and i see the beauty.
for the entrance i feel today positive - it will give more security and on top some exercise when climbing up - nice, thanks.

i realy appreciate this forum and say many thanks for all the posted informations and answers.


Stefan 411/02 World Traveler


ps: one day it will be rady to explore the world

27 January 2017 - 20:48
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Hi Stefan,

assuming that somebody owning a Raring III would then have a Raring IV leads to this URL:

Starting from that link you can find the owner of Raring IV who is actively racing. Searching a bit further suggests that Raring III belonged to the royal family of Sweden which owns the island of Mainau in the Lake of Constance (Bodensee). This would explain the Swedish name Raring, which means sweetheart. A bit of speculation, maybe not far off. 

Kind regards,

Christian 411 / 028

28 January 2017 - 07:20
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hello christian, thanks for your reply.

that´s some information i will use to find out about her roots.

fair wind, stefan

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