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S&S Swan Maintenance - 57-007 Refit continuation
01 June 2021 - 15:17
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57-007 Refit continuation

hello, here the suite of 57-007 Algol V (ex Macobi, ex Flyer)

still waiting for outside jobs (paints, teak deck, winches, ...)

a lot of work already done inside but not finished...

Yves / Algol

rebuilding a chart table

with a 24" B&G screen

not yet finished

01 June 2021 - 15:21
Join Date: 17 July 2020
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some chrome works...

some new fridge freezer group (not finished)

some water maker, not in place...

08 June 2021 - 14:58
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hi !

yesterday at the yard, to see Algol...

works in progress...

waiting for the new exhausts

water maker in place, fits exactly...

mast step in place

08 June 2021 - 15:09
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the chaos...

the new inverter, waiting for fridges groups finished to go in place...

NSGS promotion...

15 June 2021 - 08:42
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hi all,

a little update from yesterday visit in yard,

I will try to put the pictures correctly today....

15 June 2021 - 08:53
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I had a little surprise yesterday,

bringing a spare Danforth Constellation 6" bought on ebay,

because I missed on my compass the superior dome.

Originaly the compass is a 6" that fits on the S&S Swans holder, what I tought I had...

but on mine, there is a spécial aluminium plate to fit a 7" !!!

so... I can remove this plate and install the 6" instead of the 7", or I still have to fight again to find a 7" dome...

was this usual to change the 6" for a 7" ?

the spécial aluminium plate seems original Nautor work.

well... lets continue to search...

Yves / Algol

the constellation 6" found on ebay, with his dome

the surprise...

what I have to find now...

15 June 2021 - 08:55
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I dont understand why my pictures turn on the forum,

as on my iPhone and on computer they are OK...

and even if I preview I cant change this...


04 July 2021 - 09:50
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Hi everybody,

some update on Algol, while some were "playing" in Marciana Marina…

first pictures on Generator Fisher Panda 10 KvA in aft cabin installation

Supports stratification, after removing ballasts

Original repainting

Generator in place

04 July 2021 - 09:53
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Transom holes modification to fit with new systems inboard,

painting in process, and cockpit too, before new teak…

05 July 2021 - 14:50
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Some details, some reflexions...

Is this still aft cabin or engine room ?

Stainless steel collection…

Chromed brass

05 July 2021 - 16:41
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Bronze not brass… sorry…

thanks Matteo !!!

Yves / Algol

08 July 2021 - 17:47
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Beware of fresh paint…

19 July 2021 - 14:09
Join Date: 17 July 2020
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hidding generator and water maker, once in aft cabin...




19 July 2021 - 14:17
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on aft cabin, still missing of course varnish and phonic and thermic insulation inside the box...

now some reinstallation outside of refurbished parts, and teak (but no pics yet)

working on mast and rigging too, but no images yet too...

boxes repainted and modified

compass support (with the 7" extension) and hatches cover...

aluminium electric winch support behind mast...

20 July 2021 - 22:12
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Hi Yves,

thanks again for the progess report and the excellent pictures!

I noted what looks like an expension vessel in the aft port locker - may I ask what this is for? Have marked it in red in the picture below.

Thank you, will create a (hopefully) similar thread on Kairos' refit (much less extensive) when I get some pictures from our yard.

Fair winds and hope all going to plan,


Kairos - 57/0043

21 July 2021 - 16:58
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Hello Stephan !

this is the oil reserve for the Navtec hydraulic system (vang and backstay)

I found ideas on Kairos pictures, and other 57's I can find on the net, so I share, this maybe will help for another refit of another beautifull S&S Swan 57 !

today some teak progress :

the Lewmar 88/3 custom line is waiting to jump on the coaming !

Fwd cockpit

Aft cockpit

Coaming… dont miss the “little” Lewmar on the right…

23 July 2021 - 18:47
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What a pleasure to see teak coming back…

24 July 2021 - 09:11
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Hi Yves,

thank you for your reply - will have to look where the reservoir for the hydraulic vang and backstay is on Kairos now! Must admit I haven't come across it in so far but I suppose it would be somewhere under the cockpit ... as I am 6'3" trying to get under there is a job for a contortionst :-)

The new teak looks phantastic, Kairos will get a new deck & paint this season, too, but I haven't got any pictures yet.

Thanks again for sharing, I find the whole forum full of very valuable information and ideas.

Fair winds


Kairos - 57/043

25 July 2021 - 09:01
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Hi Stephan, hi all,

yes I found a lot of ideas on this site and in the forum, so if by sharing I can give ideas to others, that's my contribution …

today a bit of mast refit… where, as say Paco from NSGS we have a "funny" situation : 9 intakes from lifts, etc and 8 exits (and 8 blocks at mast foot)

we think the staysail hallyard is not original and has been added, using the port side lift exit, but not sure…

we search where we will add a 9th exit in fwd part of the mast… but we must escape all the pole system…

if someone knows tell me !

have nice holidays and fair winds

Yves / Algol V 57 007

Boom in painting process

26 July 2021 - 13:42
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a small resume of the mast process in following pics

the complete ROD rigging will be new.

step 1 : remove corrosion, passivate, sand and fill

step 2 : primer and water light sanding

step 3 : paint and look at result...

02 August 2021 - 20:11
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First part of teak finished… waiting now for the main deck…

reinstaling coaming aft mast equipment

New cockpit paint and teak covering

New « old style » Lewmar engine command

Mast winches back in place

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