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Sail & Rigging - Trysail track and other trysail setups
09 October 2021 - 11:25
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Trysail track and other trysail setups

Hello, I'm planning to have trysail and storm jib made for our Swan 411 Bacchus. Has anyone installed a separate trysail track (that would reach almost to the deck level) so that the trysail could be on the deck ready to be hoisted?


What other setups do folks have for trysail?



411/027 Bacchus

10 October 2021 - 21:23
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Hi Tapio.

We have a trysail track on our 411.I will take photos when we return to the boat later in the week.



15 October 2021 - 12:04
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Hi Taipo,

we have two tracks on Kairos, see pictures below. Hopeffully the resolution is good enough for you to see.

The track on the starboard side is for the main, the port one for the trysail.

The trysail track finishes just above the boom and goes up to about half way of the mast. It ends more or less in the middle between the spreaders.

If we think we will need the trysail we would rig it in the track and then lash it to the portside of the boom, together with the sheets for it. We also have a second halyard for the main, which we would use for the trysail.

The trysail is very much out of the way that way and ready to be hoisted without the need to spend too much effort rigging it in what is likely to be pretty severe weather.

That's the theory anyway - haven't had to use it yet, luckily.

Fair winds,

Stefan - Kairos, 57/043

17 October 2021 - 19:57
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Attached photo of trysail track on our 411. The mast is not the original Nautor mast but the principle is the same. the track starts below the boom, to the port side and   extends approx 50% the height of the mast. The end of the track must not be too close to the deck as you need space to feed the trysail sliders with the sail on the deck. there needs to be a stop at the end of the track to keep the sliders in place before you hoist the sail.

When the trysail is set, the tack is well above the height of the boom to clear the stowed mainsail.

When our main has the 3rd reef in the area is so small that I cannot imagine that the trysail would be useful. However if the main or boom are damaged the trysail would be essential. We also have the original storm jib, however with a roller reefing headsail, it can only be set on the inner forestay. In this position it does not set well. Our sailmaker has made a staysail to the dimensions allowed under the IRC rules, for storm sails, which we have found to be a useful sail.


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