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S&S Swan General - Swan 38 no.96 propeller advice please
21 June 2022 - 23:00
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Swan 38 no.96 propeller advice please

Hi All

So ‘Skylark' Swan 38, hull 96 (Ex Jacobite) is currently sporting a very fine 2 blade feathering prop that is absolutely fantastic when sailing and when not in use but quite honestly, no so good apart from straight line speed motoring forward where it performs well. Skylark has had a new gear box that doesn’t match the old (as not available any more) so less revs in astern. 

That said, ‘Skylark’s’ two blade prop has got me stumped! At best it’s the perfect prop for a race boat.  This is a race boat, going into retirement without a full crew to jump on dock when life isn’t perfect.

So, apart from the obvious slow transition between forward and astern and forgetting the 2 meter port side kick as soon as you go astern…. What am I missing? What do I need to learn?

We do have a three blade equivalent that has come with the boat but I am looking FOR YOUR BEST ADVISE FOR MED MANOVERING PROPPELLER ETC.  

Quite simply, what is the best prop to have with friends and family onboard? so that i can control 8 tonnes with pride?

(Like swaping out the furler for the tufluf for racing)

Second question….. surly bow to the dock on this boat is easier that stern to (unless you have to use anchor obviously!) We need your advise!

22 June 2022 - 06:40
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Dear Ben,

there are many posts on this forum on 38 Prop, this is one and you can find different opinions:

On my 38/067 I had a MaxProp 15" (Engine Yanmar 3YM30) after some bad experiences with a 4-B Flexofold. Max Prop -to me- was the perfect propeller for her, nearly no vibrations, which means less noise and more comfort when motoring. The 15" gives you a better clearence than the 16", you have just to rise the pitch to get same performances. Max Prop are very good in reverse. Post sale service is good and cost one third than Gori.

Which engine do you have?

Never docked bow to the dock in more than 22 years, but it' s a matter of personal taste. S&S Swan are not difficult to be manoeuvred, you just need some experience.

Fair winds!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

23 June 2022 - 12:38
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Hi Ben, hi Matteo,

we changed our feathering  three-blade propeller on CARISSIMA 38/69 with a feathering four-blade prop two seasons ago and we are really happy with it. We run a Yanmar 3YM30AE, 29 hp. Gear ratio forward / rear: 2,21 / 3,06     2,62 / 3,06. Even mannoevers in narrow harbours under strong windconditions are easy to do. 

Yes, Matteo, it needs a bit of experience and strong commands on the throttle. 

The prop: SPW VARIPROP Drehflügelpropeller, Typ: GP107RH,  4-Blade, Ø 15“ = 381 mm, Steigung:  voraus: 11“, rückwärts: 12“, Konus: 30 mm / 1:10 gem ISO 4566, Nute: 8 mm, Gewinde: M20x1,5, Länge der Nabe: 135 mm, Länge der Nabe plus Anode: 170 mm, Material: Nibral. 
Kontakt + information:

Measurement: Distance: Propeller incl. anode — skeg: 160 mm, Distance: Propeller blades — hull: 9 mm (sounds narrow, but it´s OK!).

Motor  Speed
2000 U/min 5,5 knots
2100 U/min 5,7
2200 U/min 5,9
2300 U/min 6,1
2400 U/min 6,3
2500 U/min 6,5
2600 U/min 6,6
2700 U/min 6,9
2800 U/min 6,9
2900 U/min 7,1
3000 U/min 7,1
3100 U/min 7,2
3200 U/min 7,3
3300 U/min 7,5

Fuel consumption at 2.400 U/min: 2,0 Liters / hour
Kind regards from Sweden, Klaus

25 June 2022 - 17:50
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Hi Matteo andf Klaus

Thank you for your replies. I am not very good with engines as most / all my experience (Worked as professional racing crew / skipper) has been with saildrives on new race boats. 

We have just collected all the equipment from the previous owner and discovered that we have inherited a three blade prop. 

The Engine is a Bukh Prima 30 HP Diesel.  What is involved with swapping the prop over. I imagine that the pitch needs to be reset or may be different as the gearbox has changed since this prob would last of been used?

As I said, I have no experience on changing a prop so any advice on where I need to start with this is appreciated

Many Thanks in Advance.




25 June 2022 - 18:30
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Dear Ben,

it looks a Max Prop, you should ask them ( what is the suggested pitch for your engine/gearbox.

Fair winds!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

01 July 2022 - 19:25
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Hi, Ben, "toge" has got the same engine as you have and we have changed from a two blade prop to a three blade max prop some years ago (today we run a four blade SPW prop which to us is even better than the three blade max prop was). But the max prop you have got will do!!!! Get in contact wirh your local maxprop  dealer. They are very helpful. They will ask you for some data to calculate the pitch. Then just mount it and be happy. Drive forward in good speed, stop the Bukh, wait half an hour before going reverse and come out in even better speed some meters more to port. Wait for a windy day, that will increase the fun!


Toni (toge, 38/113)

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