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Sail & Rigging - Swan 40 Sail plan Cutter rig
15 December 2023 - 17:38
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Swan 40 Sail plan Cutter rig



I am thinking in preparing Star Swan for ocean passages and single handed as I want to gain experience and miles on these conditions as I am trying to prepare myself for something.


There is a lot to do.


Star Swan was listed as a cutter rigged. Which means that the is a normal head sail (Genoa) with a forestay attached on the top of the mast and on front of the deck. With a backstay supporting it. And then there is another sail called staysail that is attached on the cutter stay somewhere lower the top of the mast to somewhere the mid foredeck. And with this, makes sense to have some running backstay to support it. My boat has a chain plate on the mast close to the single spreader to attach the cutter stay, but i cannot see any supports for running backstays.


On the sail plan drawing on this website I see that there is a mix between Solent and cutter rig where there is a stay connected from the top of the mast (near the forestay) to the mid deck. Which makes sense because the backstay can support both the forestay and the staysail and no need of running backstays.


Googling I found that:


- Can't see examples of sail plan with a stay connected to the to of the mast to mid deck. At least it’s not common.


- Some people with cutter rigs says there is no need for running backstays.




So now I wonder? If I use the existing mast chain plate near the spreader do i need a running backstay or not? and secondly, if I opt to connect the cutter stay on the top of the mast is a balance configuration for a sail, as I see is not very common?


Would love to have your experienced thoughts about it..



Star Swan (40/047)

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