Rolex Swan Cup

13 . 17 September 2022
Porto Cervo, Sardinia

S&S Swan Class (Class B)
Boats designed by Sparkman & Stephens. ORCi or ORC Club Certificate.
Additional division for the “Rod Stephens Swan Challenge Trophy” within Class B will be created. Results of this division will be extrapolated from the overall Class B
results with boats keeping the same score from the class results.
To qualify in this divisions boat shall have original hull and appendages. Toe rail shall be original made of aluminium or wood, mast shall be aluminium with original measurements with shrouds made of wire or rod. Mainsail and mizzen mainsail shall not be of square top type. Boat shall be helmed by the owner (or family member).

Designation of boats to this division will be made by the organizer and ClubSwan Racing prior to the start of the first race and shall not be ground for the protest or requests for redress by the boat. This changes RRS 60.1. To apply, see Appendix A.

S&S Swan Name Owner Nation
36/001 Tarantella Nautor's Swan Finland
36/007 Josian Eugenio Alphandery Italy
38/017 Mascalzone Latino Vincenzo Onorato Italy
411/009 Oracabessa Ben Van Dijke & Amanda Stear United Kingdom
43/045 Magia Enrico Scopesi Italy
43/047 Kokkola Vittorio Ghizzoni Italy
44/011 Pippus Alberto Pradella France
44/014 Four Winds Niels Bjorn Rasmussen France
44/036 Sehkraft Matthias Maus Germany
47/004 Dream Francesco Pennesi Persio Italy
44/047 Solano César Chuffart France
44/053 Rosy Pelican Nicholas Millard United Kingdom
47/016 Grampus II Matteo d'Agostino Italy
47/019 Walidada Jonathan Todhunter United Kingdom
47/029 Sarabande Rob Mably United Kingdom
47/047 Aorangi Jayne Koehler USA
47/056 Black Tie Massimo Crovetto Italy
47/058 Lolita Roby & Laura Aimone Italy
47/059 Rumtrader Ludovic de Meeûs d'Argenteuil Belgique
47/069 Vanessa Matteo & Giulia Salamon Italy
48/016 Themis Ulrich Meyer Germany
48/024 Sleeper X Jonty& Vicky Layfield United Kingdom
48/038 Snow Wolf Robert Nichols United Kingdom
48/042 Clarion of Skye Bernd Hotze Germany
55/016 Valhalla Sam van Holthe United Kingdom
57/005 Equinoccio Martin Anthony L. Westcott Chile
57/015 Lintu Jyrki Maki Finland
57/016 Alpha Centauri Bruno Chardon Saint Barthelemy, FWI
65/004 Venator John & Emma Sims-Hilditch United Kingdom
65/005 Saida Jurg Schneider Switzerland
65/010 Hardship III Paul Jennings & Thomas Tillbert United Kingdom
65/019 Coeur de Lion Bjorn Olaf Bratz Norway
65/021 Shirlaf Giuseppe Puttini Italy
65/033 Libelula Placido Arango Spain
65/030 Six Jaguar Tony Ball United Kingdom
65/040 Joie de Vivre Riccardo Diomelli Brazil
76/004 Tigris Gavin & Niki Howe United Kingdom
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