S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2009

02 - 05 July, Marciana Marina, Elba Island
For their traditional bi-annual appointment, Marciana Marina on the Island of Elba served as the beautiful backdrop to 23 splendid Swans, all designed by Sparkman and Stephens.

The Circolo Velico offered the quay utilized for the event, and for three days the spirited at-mosphere was colored by the flags of Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Holland, and the United States, confirming the interest this event solicits among S&S Swan owners around the world.

The yachts, all of which hailed from the drawing table of Sparkman and Stephens, and laun-ched between 1967 and 1989, presented a fine demonstration of classic lines, solid quality, and per-fect functionality. The Finnish artisans of Nautor with their incredible talents would still be proud of the way the work they’ve done has been maintained. All yachts were put under careful scrutiny by one the the most knowledgeable Swan experts in the world. Sixten Sandstrom from Pietarsaari, Finland joined us at the Rendezvous to offer his 29 years of experience with Nautor (in crucial roles including quality control) to judge the actual state of each and every yacht.

After careful analysis, the sought after award of “Best Maintained Swan” in the Rendezvous was assigned by Sandstrom to Tortuga, a brilliant Swan 47 from 1978 hailing from Hamburg, Ger-many. The award was presented by the man who 43 years ago, with great vision and strength of character, founded Nautor and created the “Swan”: Pekka Koskenkyla!

Another special award was given to the vessel showing the most emblematic “Spirit of Swan” in it’s way of caring for, and sharing his yacht. Gandalf Sorcerer of White, a Swan 55 of 1971 was captured by the brush of the great contemporary painter Marzio Tamer, and the artwork was awar-ded to the owner and his crew of a decidedly young majority between the ages of 4 and 10!

During the two days of the event the yachts were able to confront each other not only in port, but in their natural habitat at sea between the bouys. Divided into two classes for friendly regattas the final results were:

Class A - from 37’ a 44’

1° Only You , Matteo and Giulia Salamon - S. 38
2° Trimegista III , Antonio Cangemi - S. 38
3° Ki , Jean Dufour and Stefano Rossi - S. 37
3° ex aequo Un Amour de Swan , Giandomenico Iannetti - S. 44
5° Ann , Vittorio Setti - S. 38
6° Albireo, Edoardo Palma Camozzi - S. 38
7° Oracabessa di Stefano and Valeria Cioni - S. 411
8° Kokkola, Vittorio Ghizzoni - S. 43
8° Aegir II, Nello Zotta - S. 411
10° Riff, Carlo Perosino - S. 411
11° Piratessa di Cristina and Michelle Pierciaccante - S. 38
12° Tikka, Ezio and Malilla Lancellotti - S. 37
12° Morning Star, Maurizio Basla - S. 44

Class B - from 47’ a 65’

1° Tortuga , Sell Guenter - S. 47
2° Black Tie, Gavin and Nicki Howe - S. 47
3° Black Swan, Enrico Malingri - S. 47
4° Gandalf Sorcerer of Wight, Michele Bruno - S. 55
5° Lazy Duck, John Ripard - S. 47
5° Nashira, Davide Bizzi - S. 65
7° Lolita, Roby and Laura Aimone - S. 47
8° Aorangi, Jayne Koehler - S. 47
9° Clever II, Bruno Sforni S. 55
10° Peak, Pieter Houting - S. 65

Giorgio Bulgari assigned the prizes to the radiant winners, even more pleased when they realized it was an exclusive and precious wristwatch from it’s creator and Main Sponsor of the event, Enigma. Enigma awarded these marvelous timepieces to the top three classified in each category, and was pleased to have chosen the S&S Swan Rendezvous as their first Sponsored Event for the new collection.

The final evening was held in Piazzeta delle Pietre around festive tables, with typical culinary fare offered by the Circolo Velico Marciana Marina after the brief but charming awards ceremony honoring all participants.

This fourth addtition of the Rendezvous was characterized by a friendly spirit of warm com-mradory, and the “mood” was visible on the beaming faces of the participants. A group of passionate owners and friends, that every two years in the Tirrenean basin find their way to the appointment that cannot be missed.

The next date has already been set in August of 2011, and will celebrate the anniversary of the Association of Sparkman and Stephens Swan owners as well!